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Galboda Falls

Galboda Falls

Location Details

Galboda Falls is a waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is located by Nuwara Eliya District. Galboda is along the railway track of Colombo to Badulla. The environment is cool with much rain.

The waterfall is 30 m high, and the width ranges from between 3–6 m, depending on the season. It is 2 km from the railway station. Since the area is close to Watawala, where the rainfall is high, the waterfall is ever young. Annual rainfall here exceeds 4500 mm, 60% of the rain coming from the south-west monsoon dry season is January to February.

Derivation of name,

The name of the fall (Galboda) means ‘fall adjoining the stone’. It derives from the large boulder situated at its foot.

Travel information,

The only way to Galboda is by train. There are two express trains from Colombo heading to Badulla and both trains stop at Galboda Station.

Village lifelife,

Galboda is an isolated village located in between Nawalapitiya and Watawala, in the Colombo-Badulla, the upcountry railway. Since there is not a well-developed road system yet, the railway is the only source of transportation for the villages and travelers. There is one shop.

Nature and wildlife, 

At certain times of year, the water cascades in two streams. Growing in the surrounding woodland is a rare species of orchid and the vicinity is home to wildlife. Among them are 12 species of reptile and four are only found in Sri Lanka.

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