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Koggala Airport

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Koggala Airport (IATAKCTICAOVCCK) in Sri Lanka was originally a Royal Air Force (RAF) Station RAF Koggala. It is now the SLAF Koggala, used for domestic flights and for military purposes.


Prior to the Second World War, the lake at Koggala was used for seaplanes. After the outbreak of war, a water runway was demarcated and a flying boat base was established, it was the largest flying-boat base in the east. The RAF flew Consolidated PBY Catalinas and Short Sunderlands of No 202 Squadron RAF,No 204 Squadron RAFNo 205 Squadron RAF, and No 230 Squadron from here. It was a Catalina from Koggala which located the fleet of Admiral Chuichi Nagumo on 4 April 1942. It was two Sunderlands from here that rescued a group of wounded Chindits from Burma in June 1944.

After the Japanese occupied the Malay Peninsula in 1942, theQEA/Imperial Airways flight from London to